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Tangier has always been considered a good strategic location in relation to the Strait of Gibraltar. A port was established there by the Phoenicians during the 8th century and was later colonized by the Carthaginians. In the year 146 BC, formerly called Tingis, the city became Roman and the capital of Mauretania, and finally bore the name of Tingitana.

In the year 711, it was here that Arab and Berber forces gathered to conquer Spain.

14th century, the city undertook trade with various cities including Marseille, Venice and Barcelona.

19th century, Morocco was a source of conflict between some European nations. In 1905, Kaiser Wilhelm 2 denounced the entente cordiale between France and Great Britain, which made the transformation of the city of Tangier into an international city obvious. It was sealed by the Treaty of Algeciras in 1906, following that the diplomatic corps present in Tangier took orders concerning the political, commercial and fiscal affairs of Morocco.

In 1912, colonial rule was established. Spain had control over the north of the country but Tangier remained an international administration until 1956 when Morocco regained its independence.

Today Tangier has several beaches, most of which are beautiful, and is also a city where the atmosphere is jovial and festive. A tourist city and one of the favorite destinations of local Moroccans to go on vacation. It has a rich history and contains interesting sites to visit.


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