Méknes and Volubilis are part of a large agricultural territory, an undeniable source of cereal in Morocco since antiquity. It is located between the lands of the Rarb and the Middle Atlas. 

The great Moorish buildings and the ruins of Volubilis, the most important archaeological site in Morocco, testify to the historical importance of the city. It was between the time of its construction by the Alawites (10th century) and the 17th century, a small town in the shadow of Fez who was his neighbor and his enemy at the same time, until the arrival of Moulay Ismail in 1672 at the controls, he ordered the construction of mosques, ramparts, gates and beautiful palaces, and made it an imperial city. 

Today, it represents one of the largest Moroccan cities with a population reaching one million, and is known for its fresh products such as olives, mint tea or wine.


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