The city of Marrakesh was founded by the Almoravids, a tribe from the Sahara desert in the year 1062. These warriors very quickly created an empire that stretched from Algeria to present-day Spain.

In 1106, Ali Ben Youssef brought craftsmen from Andalusia to Marrakesh to build a palace and a mosque in the capital of this empire. The Almohad Dynasty conquered the city in the year 1147 and it was under their reign that the famous Koutoubia Mosque was built.

After the collapse of the Almohad dynasty to the benefit of the Merinid dynasty of Fez, the city of Marrakesh did not change for the next 200 years and it was not until the 16th century that the city was reinvigorated by the arrival of the Saadian dynasty and more precisely by the opulent Ahmed El Mansour. The construction of the Saadian tombs and the Medrassa Ben Youssef as well as the Badi Palace mark the golden age of the ocher city. In 1668, the city was conquered by the Alawite dynasty who became their capital from Fez and then Meknes.

Although by its number of one million inhabitants, Marrakesh is only the fourth largest city in the kingdom after Casablanca, Fez and Rabat, it continues to attract many tourists who come to see its lush gardens and magnificent palaces.

Nestled at the foot of the Atlas, it is practical and exotic to visit the Berber villages of the Atlas, discover a different lifestyle or simply go for a good trek, all less than an hour from the city.

Today the city is home to the largest nightclubs, restaurants and hotels in the kingdom and people come from far and wide to party there.


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