The city of Marrakech was built in 1062 under the Almoravid command. Great warriors built an empire stretching from Algiers to Spain. 

In 1106, a large palace, a mosque and ramparts were built by Andalusian craftsmen hired at the time by Ali Ben Youssef, he also designed a system of underground canals to bring water to his impressive palm grove.

The city was taken by the Almohads in 1147, and it was during their reign that the Koutoubia and Kasbah were born. The Merinids of Fez then took control after the collapse of the Almohads, then it was the turn of the Saadians to control the city in the 16th century after more than 200 years of stagnation, with the arrival of the rich Ahmed El Mansour. A golden age marked by historical monuments such as the Saadian tombs, the remains of the El Badii palace, or the Ben Youssef madrasa.The city was finally taken by the Alouites in 1668.

Today, Marrakech is the tourist capital of Morocco, and holds several historical sites open to visitors, but is best known for its magnificent palm grove and Jamaa El Fna square.


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